Despite its large

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Despite its large

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Despite its large size, the overall appearance of Deinosuchus was not considerably different from that of modern crocodilians.[1] Deinosuchus had an alligator-like broad snout, with a slightly bulbous tip.[1] Each premaxilla contained four teeth, with the pair nearest to the tip of the snout being significantly smaller than the other two.[2] Each maxilla (the main tooth-bearing bone in the upper jaw) contained 21 or 22 teeth.[3] The tooth count for each dentary (tooth-bearing bone in the lower jaw) was at least 22.[2] All the teeth were very thick and robust; those close to the rear of the jaws were short, rounded, and blunt.[4] They appear to have been adapted for crushing, rather than piercing.[4] When the mouth was closed, only the fourth tooth of the lower jaw would have been visible.cams
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