Conan reverts back

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Conan reverts back

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Conan reverts back to a teenager and corrects a deduction made by Harley.[20][21] In their second encounter, Harley is able to deduce Conan's identity as Jimmy Kudo.[22] The series progresses and Conan befriends biochemist Shiho Miyano, a former member of the Black Organization and the inventor of APTX 4869. She took the poison to escape the organization and adopts the pseudonym Anita Hailey. She resides with Agasa and intends to help Conan take down the Black Organization [23] She invents a prototype antidote to the APTX 4869 allowing Conan to temporarily become Jimmy again to which Conan uses when Rachel suspects his true identity.[24][25] During the events of Holmes' no Mokushiroku, Kudo, while in his original form, confesses his feelings to RachelVegas Escort
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