The radiant point

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The radiant point

Post  taixyz1992 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:49 pm

Because meteor shower particles are all traveling in parallel paths, and at the same velocity, they will all appear to an observer below to radiate away from a single point in the sky. This radiant point is caused by the effect of perspective, similar to railroad tracks converging at a single vanishing point on the horizon when viewed from the middle of the tracks. Meteor showers are almost always named after the constellation from which the meteors appear to originate. This "fixed point" slowly moves across the sky during the night due to the Earth turning on its axis, the same reason the stars appear to slowly march across the sky. The radiant also moves slightly from night to night against the background stars (radiant drift) due to the Earth moving in its orbit around the sun. See "IMO" Meteor Shower Calendar 2007 (International Meteor Organization) for maps of drifting "fixed points."

Meteor showers are named after the nearest bright star with a Greek or Roman letter assigned that is close to the radiant position at the peak of the shower, whereby the declension of the Latin possessive form is replaced by "id" or "ids". Hence, meteors radiating from near the star delta Aquarii (declension "-i") are called delta Aquariids. The International Astronomical Union's Task Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature and the IAU's Meteor Data Center keep track of meteor shower nomenclature and which showers are established.

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Re: The radiant point

Post  nirvana on Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:03 pm

Venezuela parliament gives Hugo Chavez more powers
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez visiting flood victims (14 December 2010) Mr Chavez said he needed the new powers to help victims of the recent floods
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Venezuela's parliament has granted President Hugo Chavez special powers to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods.

Mr Chavez will be able to pass laws by decree, without needing the support of congress, for 18 months.

His critics say the move will turn the country into a near-dictatorship.

They accuse him of taking advantage of the floods to strengthen his grip on power before a new congress is sworn in in January.

This is the fourth time Mr Chavez has been given such authority since he came to office almost 12 years ago.

He had asked to able to rule by decree for a year to address the emergency caused by floods and landslides that have killed around 40 people and left 140,000 homeless.

But the National Assembly extended the period to 18 months.

The head of the Assembly, Cilia Flores, said lawmakers were responding to the demands of flood victims.

"So that they can have their streets, their highways, public services, electricity, everything to live in dignity, we are going to hear their proposals and concerns," she said.

Mr Chavez says he has already drawn up a "battery" of 20 new laws which he will pass by decree.

They include measures to raise value-added tax to fund reconstruction and build thousands of homes for flood victims.
Lawmakers debating the enabling law in the Venezuelan congress The outgoing parliament is dominated by Mr Chavez's supporters
'New democracy'

Opposition groups say the timing of the "Enabling Law," as it is known, is deeply cynical.

The current parliament, which is dominated by the president's supporters, is in the last few weeks of its session.

A new congress will begin sitting in January with many more opposition members following elections last September, which would have made it more difficult for Mr Chavez to pass laws.

The opposition fear Mr Chavez will use the powers to move Venezuela closer to a left-wing dictatorship.

Newly elected opposition congressman Julio Borges said the enabling law had one single aim: "to give more power to the government and take power away from the people".

But the opposition would keep fighting to make sure the "Cuban project" would fail, he said.

Mr Chavez has dismissed these concerns, while making it clear that he is determined to deepen his "socialist revolution".

"We are building a new democracy here that can't be turned back," he said on Thursday.

His new powers extend beyond relief and reconstruction to cover areas including infrastructure, banking and finance, rural and urban land use, telecommunications, defence and security.

The 18-month period means the opposition will be largely excluded from policy-making until the middle of 2012, months just months before Venezuela's next presidential election.

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Aside from tidal flooding

Post  be_map1512 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:14 pm

Aside from tidal flooding along rivers, the storm's effects were primarily concentrated along the coast. A buoy off the coast of Nova Scotia reported a wave height of 100.7 ft (30.7 m), the highest ever recorded in the province's offshore waters. In the middle of the storm, the Andrea Gail sank, killing its crew of six and inspiring the book, and later movie, The Perfect Storm. Off the shore of New York's Long Island, an Air National Guard helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed; four members of its crew were rescued, and one was killed. Two people died after their boat sank off Staten Island. High waves swept people to their deaths in Rhode Island and Puerto Rico, and another person was blown off a bridge to his death. The tropical cyclone that formed late in the storm's duration caused little impact, limited to power outages and slick roads; one person was killed in Newfoundland from a traffic accident related to the strippers
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Re: The radiant point

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